Shout-out to Our Local Shops

Custom hot rods could never be started without strategic planning, design, and fabrication and very few could be completed without the assistance of skilled hands coming together to make those builds happen. Often the services of these talented craftsmen and the knowledge of the suppliers go unnoticed and unrecognized in the bigger picture of car shows and awards.

EIGHTBALL’33 is no exception. It’s one of those custom hot rods that could never have made it out of the garage to debut at the Triple Crown of Rodding Show in Nashville, TN, nor at Cruisin’ the Coast on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, without the helping hands of family, friends and our local shops.

Ron & Beth of Ron Corder Customs would like to give a shout out to everyone that shared a part in helping EIGHTBALL’33 see the light of day. We recognized some of the “Garage Crew” in a previous post who sacrificially worked on the build in the shop. Here are their names:

EIGHTBALL’33 Garage Crew

  • Chris Nichols
  • Danny Ladner
  • Eddie Klein
  • Jason Rutledge
  • Mark Trochesset
  • Steve Kanter
  • Brian Slocum
  • Brad Burnham
  • Rusty Hamilton
  • Dutch Meyn
  • Scott Simon

Now, we’d also like to recognize some of our local shops and the services they contributed:

Gary Clark – Clark Metal Works – Gulfport, MS

  • Aluminum Grille Insert
  • Casts Aluminum Intake Mounted Radiator Fill cap
  • Radiator Adjustments
  • Trailer Door Adjustment

John, Bobby & Carolyn – Neill’s Radiator Shop – Gulfport, MS

  • Radiator Alterations
  • A/C Parts
  • Fuel Cell Repair

NAPA, Dedeaux Road, Gulfport, MS

  • Kept the Many Miscellaneous Parts Coming

Cody Peterman

  • Steering Components
  • Suspension Pieces

Todd Kunze

  • Exhaust Fabrication

Johnny Peterman

  • Built the Short Block

Johnny Powell

  • Assembled Top End Components and Accessories

Paul & Jerry – Paul’s PBE Plus – Long Beach, MS

  • Paint & Body Supplies

PTW – Performance Tire & Wheel – Gulfport, MS

  • Mounted Tires

Greg Brooks – Welding

  • Axle Housing
  • Steering Components
  • Front Axle & Bones

Jason Lofton – The Ridiculous SPEED SHOP – Saucier, MS

  • Kept the Parts and Encouragement Coming

Brian & Javier – Headliners Plus – Gulfport, MS

  • Upholstery Work

Teresa – Dunaway Glass – Hwy. 49, Gulfport, MS

  • Custom Cut All Glass

Stan, Jeff & Elaine – Stan’s Powertrain – Gulfport, MS

  • Tweaked the Quickchange Rear-end
  • Fabricated the Closed to Open Driveline

Matt – Incorrigible Motorsports – Gulfport, MS

  • Provided Pieces and Parts

John Lewis

  • Filler Welds on the Front Axle Drop

Tommy Castanedo

  • Built the Powerglide Transmission
  • Converted Transmission to Short Drag Racing Style

Jimbo Perkins – Gulf Coast Motor Sports Magazine – Gulfport, MS

  • Marketing Services and Encouragement

Red – Our Min Pin

  • His undying loyalty and love of “riding with his daddy” provided motivation to finish the build. (He didn’t make it to the finish line or get to take his ride, but he’s riding with his head out the window and tongue flapping in the wind in our hearts and is greatly missed.)

During this Thanksgiving Season, we wanted to take time to thank each of these individuals, shops, and suppliers for helping to make this dream build a reality. While it was exciting to see EIGHTBALL’33 come together, we enjoyed the time spent with each of you during the process and look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Hope to see you at more car shows next year.

Thanks from Ron Corder Customs Garage.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ron & Beth

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