About Ron Corder Customs

Ron Corder Customs A sign that says ron corder's on the side of a building.

Ron Corder started his customizing business forty years ago with a milk crate, a selection of One-Shot paints, vinyl striping tape and a pinstriping brush. His business focus and name may have changed through the years, but he has always stayed true to his hot rod, pinstriping, and sign artist passions.

Ron Corder Customs A crate full of painting tools and supplies on a table.
Ron Corder Customs A man working on a car in a garage.

He graduated in 1982 and began applying tape stripes and freehand pinstriping to just about anything, with or without wheels. He signed his work, “Lil’ Wiz…” and worked all across the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

While at college, someone asked him, “Can you make a sign?” He answered simply, “Yes.” He has been pinstriping, applying lettering and graphics, and making custom signs ever since.

Ron Corder Customs A man working on a table in a garage.
Ron Corder Customs An old photo of a man riding a small speed boat.

An appreciation for vintage advertising, antique vehicles, hot rods, and fast boats is nothing new for Ron Corder of Ron Corder Customs. He has followed these interests and incorporated them into his business wherever he has lived or worked.

Since those first pinstriping days, Ron’s toolbox has grown and his abilities and talents have developed along the way. He now offers many custom services related to vintage cars and sign projects.

Ron Corder Customs is a culmination of Ron’s passions and the skills he has accumulated on the road of life. His current Shopwork and Signwork include helping other Hot Rod enthusiasts see their projects become an “Ol’ School Cool” reality and providing vintage style and custom signage for businesses, shops, and home décor.

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